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House Capacity1,495 Seats, plus 8 designated handicap locations: 1,503 Total Seats
Main FloorContinental Seating of 22 Rows, for 1,070 persons (includes 8 designated handicap locations)
Slope from Front to Rear at Deepest Point: 4'-6"
Range of Seat Sizes: 20" to 23" wide (all 22" or 23" in first 11 rows)
BalconyTheater Riser Seating of 7 Rows, for 433 persons
Rise from Front to Rear Row: 7'-0"
Range of Seat Sizes: 20" to 23" wide
BoxesOwner's Box for 11 persons (all seats 23" wide)
12 VIP Boxes for 62 persons total (26 main floor and 36 upper floor)
Range of Seat Sizes: 21" to 22" wide
Distance from Back Row to front of Stage80'-0"

Proscenium DimensionsWidth: 54'-10"
Height: 20'-0"
Stage DimensionsWidth: 76'-0"
Height: 45'-0" to Roof Structure
Depth: 37'-6"
Apron DimensionsWidth: 54'-0"
Depth: 8'-0" (at Center point)
Total Stage Area3,075 Square Feet (Inclusive of Apron)
Backstage DimensionsDepth: 35'-6" (Both Sides)
Width: 31'-0" (Stage Left) & 16'-0" (Stage Right)
Stage Playing AreaWidth: 49'-0" (With Legs In)
Depth: 45'-0" approximate (with Cyclorama In)
Loading DockDoor Opening Dimensions: 10'-0"W x 8'-0"H
(No Loading Dock Elevator)
Floor Height: 4'-0" (from Ground Drive)
Location: East side of building (Stage Right)
Actors EntranceWest side of building (Stage Left)

House Curtains2261 Grey Velour
LegsBlack Velour (8) 8'-0"W x 20'-0"H
Side TabBlack Velour (8) 8'0"W x 10'-0"H
BordersBlack Velour (6) 65'-0"W x 6'-0"H
Mid-TravelersBlack Velour (2) 34'-0"W x 20'-0"H
Rear TravelersBlack Velour (2) 34'-0"W x 20'-0"H
ScrimWhite Sharkstooth (1) 65'-0"W x 20'-0"H
Black Sharkstooth (1) 65'-0"W x 20'-0"H
CycloramaNatural (1) 65'-0"W x 20'-0"H

Combination of Single Purchase Counterweight System & Motorized Rigging
Fly Battens Available(31) 65'-0" long (see lineset schedule for details)
Height from Floor to Maximum Pipe Height37'-10"
Border Trim Height20'-0"

Dressing & Preparation Rooms
Women's Principal(2) private make-up/dressing rooms with shared toilet/shower
Men's Principal(2) private make-up/dressing rooms with shared toilet/shower
Women's Prep(8) make-up stations with two sinks, two toilets, & two showers
Men's Prep(8) make-up stations with two sinks, two toilets, & two showers
Costume/Clothing Storage
Women's Principal5'-0" of fixed rod in each private room
Men's Principal5'-0" of fixed rod in each private room
Women's Prep13'-6" of fixed rod adjacent to make-up stations
Men's Prep13'-6" of fixed rod adjacent to make-up stations
Greenroom/Meet & Greet
Refrigerator, Sink, and Coffee Maker (No Toilet Facilities)

  1. Strand C21 Dimming System - 112 dimming channels installed/ 2x 2.4kw per channel. Connector Strips on Front Catwalk (28), Apron Catwalk (16), Stage Battens [(54 on lifts) of which 36 are active].
  2. Nano Hog 4 Console
  3. House instruments:
    1. 19 degree Ellipsoidals (40x)/ 6.25" Gel holder/ 2.5"-2.75" (B) GOBO Holder/750w HX755 lamp/cast aluminum
    2. 26 degree Ellipsoidals (16x)/ 6.25" Gel holder/ 2.5"-2.75" (B) GOBO Holder/750w HX755 lamp/cast aluminum
    3. PAR 64 (88x)/1000w mfl lamp/aluminum
    4. Multi Par 4 Light Units (2x)
    5. Three Cell Cyclights (3x)
    6. Chauvet Slim Par Pro RGBA (36x)
    7. Chauvet Intimidator Spot 150 (4x)
    8. These can be arranged anyway the Lighting Director sees fit, with existing dimmer circuits.
  4. Lycian model 1209 Follow spots (4x) Catwalk location
  5. 2fers and cabling/ bulbs/ clamps/ safety cables provided as needed for instruments.

  1. Yamaha PM5D FOH Console
  2. Stage Snake connectivity at (4) stage locations, orchestra pit, and three (3) floor boxes
  3. ISO Split with positions at Stage Left and Stage Right for monitor mix position.
  4. Yamaha M7CL-48 Monitor Console
  5. Sub snakes available as needed
  6. Patchbay at FOH position for flexible channel assignment independent of FOH and Monitor consoles
  7. Two 6" Roadshow tubes - Stage Left to FOH
  8. Sound System:
    1. Three Line arrays hung in Left/Center/Right configuration
    2. Meyer M'elodie speaker cabinets
    3. Left - 6 cabinets
    4. Center - 5 cabinets
    5. Right - 6 cabinets
    6. Subwoofers - Meyer 700HP (4)
    7. Front Fill - Meyer M1D (4)
    8. Under Balcony Fill - Meyer M1D (8)
  9. Whirlwind/Countryman Direct Boxes
  10. Straight/Boom Mic Stands
  11. Mic and Instrument Cabling
  12. Audio Technica and Shure Wireless Mic Systems
  13. Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, Earthworks, AKG Wired Microphones
  14. JBL Monitor Wedges
  15. JBL Surround Sound Speakers
  16. Assisted Listening System with 20 receivers

  1. Multimedia Capability:
    1. Stewart Filmscreens Luxus Model CB Electrscreen. UltraMatte 130 surface/ 34' 2.5" diagonal/ 1.827 aspect ratio (flat cinema)/ White. Viewing surface - 30' wide x 16.5' High. Screen mounted to Rigging Batten position #6, and will be controlled from video booth.
    2. NEC NC1600C Digital Projection System. 4k/ 17000 ANSI DLP. Lift mounted.
    3. Edirol V-440HD multi-format mixing system. RGBHV to Projector.
    4. Panasonic AW-HE100 remote controlled, High Definition Camera. Single View.
  2. Cinema Capability (all the above, PLUS):
    1. Dolby Cinema Show System comprising DSP100 (show player), DSS100 (show store), and related control software.
    2. Dolby 3D capability, including related hardware.
  3. Core functionality (System on/off, screen control, etc.) handled by a Crestron, touch panel interface/ control engine.
  4. LG Blu-Ray Disc Player
  5. Pioneer DVD/CD/VIDEO CD Player

Staging(14) 4'x4' Versa Deck (Black)
(30) 4'x8' Versa Deck (Black)
(140) 8" Leg Assembly, Fixed
(140) 16" Leg Assembly, Fixed
(140) 24" Leg Assembly, Fixed
(48) 32" Leg Assembly, Fixed
(48) 40" Leg Assembly, Fixed
258' Versalite Black Drapery, 8"
58' Versalite Black Drapery, 16"
58' Versalite Black Drapery, 24"
2 Step Stairway with Handrails
Risers(16) Signature Riser, 3-Step with Rails
Music Stands(20) Music Stands
Music Stand Light(15) Music Stand LED Lights

Set #DescriptionDistance from ProsceniumLine CapacityFabricColorFullnessSize

1Grand Valance0'-6"1561 lbs.25oz. Velour2261 Grey50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
*2*Main Curtain1'-2"1561 lbs.25oz. Velour2261 Grey50%20'-0"H x 34'-0"W
3#1 Border2'-6"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
4#1 Legs3'-2"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 8'-0"W
5#1 Elec.-Motorized4'-6"2000 lbs.    
6Projection Screen5'-10"1561 lbs.    
7White Scrim7'-2"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
8#2 Border7'-10"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 8'-0"W
9#2 Legs8'-6"1561 lbs.    
10#2 Elec.-Motorized9'-10"2000 lbs.    
11General Purpose11'-2"1561 lbs.    
12General Purpose12'-6"1561 lbs.    
13#3 Border13'-2"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
14Mid-Stage Traveler13'-10"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 34'-0"W
15#3 Elec.-Motorized15'-2"2000 lbs.    
16General Purpose16'-6"1561 lbs.    
17#4 Border17'-10"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
18#3 Legs18'-6"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 8'-0"W
19#4 Elec.-Motorized19'-10"2000 lbs.    
20Black Scrim21'-2"1561 lbs.    
21General Purpose21'-10"1561 lbs.    
22#5 Border23'-10"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
23#4 Legs24'-6"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 8'-0"W
24#5 Elec.-Motorized25'-10"2000 lbs.    
25General Purpose27'-10"1561 lbs.SharkstoothBlackNone20'-0"H x 65'-0"W
26General Purpose29'-2"1561 lbs.    
27General Purpose31'-2"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%6'-0"H x 65'-0"W
28#6 Border31'-10"1561 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%20'-0"H x 34'-0"W
29Rear Traveler33'-2"1561 lbs.SharkstoothWhiteNone20'-0"H x 65'-0"W
30Cyclorama33'-10"1561 lbs.MuslinNaturalNone20'-0"H x 65'-0"W
31Stage Left Side Tab 900 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%18'-0"H x 8'-0"W
32Stage Right Side Tab 900 lbs.21oz. VelourBlack50%18'-0"H x 8'-0"W

* - Dead hung set.

18 Dead hung rigging points over stage (3 rows of 6 each) rated for 1 ton:
  • 1st Row 1'-10 1/2" from Proscenium
  • 2nd Row 11'-10" from Proscenium
  • 3rd Row 22'-10" from Proscenium

  • 200 amp, 3 phase switch - stage right
  • 400 amp, 3 phase switch - stage left

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