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Overlook Theatre Company Franklin NC
Overlook Theatre Company Promo Image The Overlook Theatre Company was established in 1996 with the goal of providing quality, family entertainment. Over the years, the company has performed many musicals, plays and special events due to its many committed volunteers and the support of the community. We are thrilled and excited to call the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts our new home and hope that each production will continue to thrill, excite and open up a world of possibilities and imagination.

Artistic Director, Scotty Corbin, has been performing his entire life. "I remember the first time I ever went to a real play in a real theatre. I had to stretch to see over the seat in front of me and my feet didn't touch the ground. The lights went dark and a quiet hush fell over the crowd. For the next two hours I don't think I breathed or blinked for fear I would miss a single, precious moment of what was taking place before me - complete and total magic. From that moment on, I took every opportunity I could to find a reason to perform."

All auditions are open to the public, so please join us. For more information, email us.

Overlook Theatre Company Event Schedule
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February 5-6, 2016
Special Event Once Upon a Wish Franklin NC
Ticket Prices: $15 - sold at door
Event Detail:

Join us for a party with all your favorite princesses and heroes as we celebrate dreams, wishes and the excitement that comes with living in a fairytale. Come dressed as your favorite character and enjoy light refreshments as you participate in this live, interactive stage show, but be careful, because there are a couple of villains lurking in the shadows that will do anything to keep us from our happily-ever-afters. Space is limited, so reservations are suggested and can be made at the theatre box office by calling 828-524-1598. This event takes place on the SMCPA stage with tables available for groups of six or less. Some smaller groups may be combined to allow the maximum number of participants. Everyone in attendance will need a ticket. Come sing, dance and celebrate!
Performance Schedule:
February 5, 2016
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February 6, 2016
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Once Upon a Wish
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Directions - Dining and Lodging
February 5-6, 2016
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